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Thranite Corporation is an information technology (IT) and business consulting company. It exists as a vehicle for providing IT consulting services at the business to businesses level. We are based out of Calgary Alberta but take engagements throughout Canada where there is a good fit between our skills and your needs.

In particular, we can help with providing professional IT support to enterprises which can't afford the cost of a full time IT employee, or to supplement your IT resources during project implementation phases, or perhaps resolve a crisis.

In addition, we spend our free time delving into various open source software solutions. The information technology industry has made several transitions during the past few decades. First, from a state of high priced computer hardware (it's for all practical purposes almost free now), to a state of high priced computer software (Microsoft and Oracle's business model which is giving way to open source), to a state where “data” has the highest value to a corporation.

So before you become shackled by a lock into a software vendor's expensive solutions, give us a call. A conversation leading to an engagement might prove to be highly valuable to you.


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