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Privacy Statement

Personal Information

We do not collect any personal information through our web site - nor does any component of the web site require you to register for access to additional pages.

Parts of the web site are considered proprietary and we do require that you request access to those pages.  This is done via an e-mail or voice exchange between us.

We do not subcontract or "farm out" our customer list management, consequently your personal information and e-mail address will never be disclosed to any third party.

Some customer contact information is disclosed in formal responses to tender proposals where the particular customer is available to serve as a site reference for a product.  This is done with your permission.


Cookies are a useful technology which can simplify your use of a web site which benefits from customization specifically for you.  However, they have been misused by so many sites as a means of tracking visits and tracking movement on a web site. 

We do not use Cookies and never will.  Your use of this web site will remain completely anonymous.

We recommend that you turn off cookies in your browser, and only reactivate them when necessary.  A visit to your on-line bank may require cookies to preserve your session after a log-in exercise; a visit to a software vendor's web site should not.


This a "100% Ad Free" zone.  Our web site is not hosted by another company in exchange for free advertising.  We want your attention focused on what we do, and not distracted by someone else's commercial promotion.

Any hyperlink on our site to the site of another business or organization is done completely without commercial compensation.  

When you are surfing the net you should regard all advertisements on a web site as a HUGE security and privacy risk. These advertisements will normally load Javascript programs and Cookies to your computer.

Server Logs

Other web sites' privacy statements say that they log all server accesses in order to spot abuse and identify and solve problems.  Since we don't have operational mysteries to solve, we have no need to log our web server's accesses — so we don't.

We do not record that anyone has visited our web site, nor what they did or where they went while they were here. 

If, for an unforeseen reason such as a "Denial of Service Attack", it may be necessary to log accesses to our servers to resolve a problem.  Logging will persist only as long as required to resolve the issue and all logs will be deleted immediately afterward. 

Your IP Address

We do not record or log your IP Address, or the MAC address of your Network Interface Card (NIC).